Indian corporate practice; Sack Charu!

Well, Indian corporate practices out in the open. Vijay Mallya sacks Charu Sharma, the guy who has the least to do with Royal Challengers' poor showing on the field.

The way I remember, I didn't see Charu either throw a ball, or swing a bat. So how is he responsible? Oh yes, I forget, the 'strategy' part. Well the way I see it, the closest you come to 'strategic applications' in the game of cricket is when you ensure you've the got your best bowler bowling the last over in a one-day match. Remember Chetan Sharma's last over in a match that had Kapil Dev as the captain?

Vijay Mallya does what comes naturally to the honchos in corporate India. Turn the guy who's got zero power to strike back into the scapegoat and sack him with fanfare. Wonder if Mallya's got what it takes to can Dravid, Kumble and their likes? Then he can kiss his sleep in Karnataka goodbye. Its a shame to see Charu go, not that it means anything to me, from a cricketing perspective. It only reinforces what I see in plenty around me. The bullies piling on the misery on to the polite ones.

Shameful !


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