The Indian Woman consumer

  • A single Indian working woman spends 27% on apparel and accessories and 19% on books and gifts. The numbers are 23% and 15%, respectively for married women.
  • Married working women with no children spend 14% of their income on financial products. the figure almost doubles in the case of working married women with dependent children at 24%.

  • Age brings with it a need to save. Married women with independent children save 25% of their income while single working women spend only 13% on financial products and services.

  • Single women spend just 2% of the total income on EMIs, compared to 11% for married women.

  • Single women splurge more on eating out frequently, 19%, than married women who spend only 12%.

  • While homemakers spend a minimal 35 on purchasing mobile phones and cameras, the figure almost doubles for single working women at 7%.

  • Homemakers spend more on fashion than working women with children. They spend 255 on accessories, while working mothers spend 21%.

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