Leisure & Entertainment trends in India

The 'India leisure and entertainment trends 2008' report by The Knowledge Company, a division of Technopak, reveals that 'from 15 to 55, everyone in India is spending on leisure and entertainment. And the repertoire is wide, from TV to music, cinema to reading, outings to retail therapy, fitness and even religion. This also includes new age engagements like gaming and net-based activities.

While TV viewing is the most favourite past time with 75% indulging in it, music too has become very popular with the coming of FM. The growth of retail is also contributing to shopping becoming another favourite activity. And cell phones have contributed towards increased socializing on the phone.

The study also reveals the importance of prayer and religion in the life of youth in India. In fact, it shows religion is still a way of life in India. Rituals, worship, and visiting religious places scores very high in an individual's life. Seven out of 10 individuals say they consider visit to temples or places of worship an activity that they would pursue in their leisure time. 60% say the have engaged in the activity as part of their leisure repertoire in the last one year. And this cuts across age groups.'


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