Media and its ideal of 'proportionality'

This is even more relevant in the wake of reprehensible tabloidical like coverage that we have been brought to witness.

'The signature defect of modern political journalism is that it has shredded the ideal of proportionality.

Important stories, sometimes the product of months of serious reporting, that in an earlier era would have captured the attention of the entire political-media community and even redirected the course of a presidential campaign, these days can disappear with barely a whisper.

Trivial stories — the kind that are tailor-made for forwarding to your brother-in-law or college roommate with a wisecracking note at the top — can dominate the campaign narrative for days.

Who can guess what stories will cause the media machine to rev up its hype jets?'

- John F Harris; 'Media hype: How small stories become big news'.


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