The stinker in a deodorant

Bare feet? Shoes Ahoy!

Smelly? March in the Deos. Well. Don't say it, 'cos it aint easy to digest.

The real stinker is, if Russel Taylor's (Unilever’s global V-P for Axe deodorants) statement sees a backlash that affects brand Axe's sales in Asia. Personally, I don't see that happening. The 'noise' is just gonna die down eventually. The urban buyer who can afford the Deo will continue buying.

But Russel surely needs to learn a thing or two. That is, if he said what he said. One, People don't 'dig' Deos in India 'cos they can't afford it. Its the lowly scented Talcum powder that takes its place in most parts of India.

Two, Being part of a company that is truly global, reaching almost every place in the world, its only smart to be 'culturally sensitive'. After all, that much of cultural sense can be asked of, for crying out loud, from a VP!


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