Why is IPL an advertiser's delight?

I had earlier commented on the IPL identity problem. Its still too early to predict as to whether viewers will bond with any particular team (read players), especially since teams will see change of players every season. But within this spectre of uncertainty, comes succour, not to the organisers and owners, but to advertisers.

Prof. Sekhar has a very valid point regarding the risks that the IPL format poses to advertisers, as compared to similar risks when its the 'country versus country' game format. The latter requires India to win for viewer interest to be sustained. Remember the world cup debacle and the resulting drop in TRPs for the rest of the World cup games? Though advertisers theoretically can pull out of their future spots (during the world cup), in reality, pull-outs don't come easy or cheap.

Now, that scenario contrasts with the one posed by the IPL format, for advertisers. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. Viewer (for the ones watching) interest will be sustained. At the moment the IPL TRPs are hitting good highs. Now that's good news to advertisers who otherwise, chew their nails off, praying India wins every time a tourney as organised that has India playing in it.


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