Comrade Obama

The present communist party led government in Kerala has never concealed its distaste of 'big businesses'. After all, for them, big businesses are the ones that prey on a hapless citizenry making windfall profits off their labour, which the businesses then proceed to pocket. So their sole objective seems to be to get the worker to always be at odds with the business owner. I am willing to go with their 'vision' except that its only brought with it economic misery, not to the party faithfuls, but to the average citizenry.

Why do I now feel that Obama sounds almost like a party member in Kerala? When he calls for new taxes on oil companies and wealthy individuals, along with $1,000 tax cuts for most working families, his socialist vision sounds deafeningly similar to what I am used to hearing in my home state of Kerala.

That's such a pity. Especially since this rhetoric echoes in a country that has demonstrated to the world, the strength of capitalistic thought. Imagine if this rhetoric is realised.

Can't? Welcome to Kerala.



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