Devana Yelli? ; Bengaluru International Airport

Had to pickup family from the Bangalore International Airport. My first trip to the new airport. Started from home (read, BTM Ist Satge) at 3.15 am; reached by 4 (note, minimal traffic and I took the MG road- Mekhri Circle route); a distance of exactly 42 kms..

The road infrastructure is not complete. Be careful you don't miss the exit from the Hyderabad road which takes you towards the airport. Parking gives you two choices, the premium one at Rs. 200 for an hour and the budget one at Rs. 40 for two hours.

The airport infrastructure is impressive, but nothing out of the world; functional, I would say. Signs all over were very helpful. No hassles on the way back. The earlier signs guiding motorists to the HAL airport are still around; they have not been taken down as yet. In the dark, sighting them can confuse a motorist, at least on the way back home.

All in all, as my travel was way early in the morning, the hassles were minimal. But I hope the road infrastructure gets better, which I guess, will.


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