Indians don't plan for retirement

A Metlife survey, titled, 'Study of International Employee Benefits Trends and the sixth annual US Study of Employee Benefits Trends' reveals that despite worrying about a comfortable old age life, almost 80 per cent of the working Indians do not opt for any kind of retirement saving plans other than what is mandated by law.

The surveys further point out that while 80 per cent employees in India and 81 per cent in Mexico have no retirement plans other than the mandatory ones, the number was low in developed countries like Australia (58 per cent), the US (46 per cent) and the UK (31 per cent).


Unknown said…
Bhagban Story come true sir. The reason for not planning may be bev=cause there are too many dependants per one earning person. Education, health and other expenses are too high and inflation is rising faster than the earning capacity.

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