Maturing of Online businesses in India

Today, an estimated 32 million Indians use the Internet to look for jobs, buy airline tickets, book holidays, find spouses, trade in shares, and buy and sell everything from mobile phones to industrial scrap. This, in turn, translates into $17 billion worth of online transactions per year.

This still lags behind the US ($1.85 trillion) and China ($200 billion), but as India’s base of Internet users is expected to grow to 50-55 million by 2011, the transaction numbers will also swell.

Source : Outlook Business; 'Website Story'.


Unknown said…
Hello Sir,

The slow pace of online business in India can be attributed to the following reasons:

1. Access to internet is yet to reach the rural area.Reasons for which are many.
2.The use of "plastic" money is still in its nascent stage.
3.Generally a psychological factor-"resistance to change","online transaction is not safe" is a major setback.

Illiteracy is major concern that is holding us back.

A great example of how online business can change the image of an organization is the Indian Railways, their online booking site(IRCTC.CO.IN) is a great step and has opened for them a bunch of new business opportunities!
And offcourse,booking a rail ticket has never been so easy, though it costs!But you have to pay for the service!


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