Never mind, scream 'NO price hike'!

When Santro Xing and i10 proclaim 'NO Petrol hike for 6 months'; 'Hyundai takes the burden off your pocket by paying the increase in the petrol price on your behalf' as the Copy and sub head of their latest Ad., they GRAB most eyeballs.

Simply because all people can read and hear around them is about price hikes. Here's someone who's NOT raising prices. Hyundai's reason is that they care. Its apparent that its otherwise. Most consumers have put brakes on most non-essential purchases for the moment. Here's Hyundai giving them a reason not to, at least when it comes to the Santro and the i10. Never mind that other car manufacturers haven't increased prices too.

Hyundai's ad campaign is smart within the present circumstances. They are the only ones 'tom-toming' what everyone else is doing.


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