The weaker the brand, the easier its extension?

Levi Strauss' foray into the personal care segment under the aegis of its Dockers brand may not encounter the problems that line extensions bring, as the brand Dockers is not necessarily synonymous with any category of clothing in India. This is unlike the strong position that it occupies in the 'business casual' space in the West.

BS reports that LS plans to launch deodorants for men and women under its ‘Dockers' brand, priced at Rs 2,000 for 100 ml bottles. Going forward, it plans to launch more personal care products to complement the casual-wear range. Levis Strauss, on its part, also plans to drive product innovations into the apparel market in India. As a start to the same, it plans to launch t-shirts that can be worn in 34 different ways, double-detachable cargos, and water-soluble tees.

Water-soluble tees? Who on earth wants a tee that dissolves? Beats me.


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