Where's the rebellion in 'healthy snacks'?

Maybe it makes sense for Frito Lays India to make its Cheetos snack brand to be available in two new flavours with added vegetables, reduced fat and seasonings to appeal to health-conscious youth.

Having left my youth far behind, I wouldn't know what the youth of today want. If they want 'healthier snacks', I guess its a pity. Isn't 'youth' the time when one's at his/her rebellious best, caring two hoots about what one ate or wore? Calorie count? Who cares? Shouldn't that be the attitude?

Maybe not, especially when the urban youth of today define excitement in terms of the latest game on their Xboxes. With obesity looming all over, its wise on Frito Lay's part to have healthy snacks on store shelves. After all chomping on these snacks and staring into a screen is surely every one's favourite pastime.

Image: http://www.fritolay.com


Unknown said…

Health consciousness has improved among the youngsters and the parents. Takers for healthy snacks are on the rise. Manufacturers are concentrating on how to bring taste and health together. It was thought to be impossible but not any more.

Though the young watch fast and furious and non-stop jabbering they opt for healthier snacks with less calories and more of taste. This trend is set to rise. Beauty scores more than taste sometimes.

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