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The demographics for the anti-ageing cream in India is changing. When consumer products major Hindustan Unilever (HUL) recently relaunched its Pond’s anti-ageing skin cream range, it was not only launching a ‘new-improved’ version of the product but also responding to a larger change in the core target consumers of anti-aging products — from the middle-aged 35-40-years-old women to 20-something girls, yes, but even men too!

Now this is unlike the scenario sometime back when classically 40-years-plus women were the target customers for anti-aging products. Market research firm ACNielsen puts the anti-aging cosmetic market in India at over Rs 60 crore. Though just over 2% of the country’s Rs 3,000-crore skin care market, the anti-aging segment is the fastest growing at 93% year-on-year.

What can explain this 'change'? While busy lifestyles and concomitant stress hasten skin aging, rising incomes and awareness are facilitating fast consumer adoption of anti-aging products. But that’s not all, for there is also another important factor at play here. Consumers today opt to prevent and correct rather than repair at a later stage. Marketers are quick to spot this trend and are responding appropriately.


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