Who's gaming?

According to an exclusive study by ZenithOptimedia, though online gaming is predicted to be $7-billion business by the end of 2008, it still remains a higher SEC phenomenon in the country. Of the total population of gamers, 41% belong to SEC A2, 20% to SEC B1 while just 9% belong to SEC C. If you think it is just the college going youth that is hooked to games, think again. The major chunk of gamers belong to 22-25 age group followed by those in the age bracket of 26-30 years. Apparently, women have no interest in the virtual gaming world.

The study notes that 99% of the gamers are male while only 1% are female gamers. Perhaps, it is because of this demographics that what sells best in the real world takes the lead virtually too. Cricket is the most popular on-line game followed by chess, road fighter, boxing, FIFA, counter strike, pacman and football. Though Indians are being wooed by exciting gaming options across platforms like mobile, online, consoles, it is the PC that is the most preferred medium for gaming. Mobile devices are next on the list while Playstations and Xboxs have limited appeal till now.


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