BMTC Volvo ride at Re.1, but what's it cost?

Franchise building promos don't eat into a brand's equity, unlike the non-franchise building ones. Its important brands find a balance between the two, as a part of their promo campaign.

Take BMTC's Re. 1 Volvo bus fare. Sure its got the hordes to pile in, into the Volvo buses, but what's it achieved? Has it gotten the car and bike users to shift? Of course not. It ain't the prices for the car/bike users. Its the convenience and the flexibility. What about the regular users of Volvos at the original premium price? Something tells me, for the promo period, they took their cars and bikes to work.

Any positives? Sure. The mass got a ride of their lives. And its time they did.


Agree with you. it's high time that the mass experiences what a good public transit system is like. It is one of the responsibilities of the government and although BMTC ran it for Rs.1/- for four days, it gave once in a lifetime exprience for many people who never dreamt of travelling in an air conditioned vehicle in their lives.

What the promo also did was, ensure that people using the intra-city volvo over their personal vehicles got back to their vehicles as they did not want to be a part of the overcrowded bus. That way, at the end of the day, a lot of them have looked back and appreciated what BMTC does for them rather than crying over the facilities that BMTC cannot offer.

Somethings are well appreciated when it's compared.
Unknown said…
Very the same time considerable number of autorickshaw drivers went out of business!
Unknown said…
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