Its not the words, Its the way they sound

Was singing the Keith Urban song that was my weekend pick. Played the original for Alphy. She said the way I sang, it sounded 'angry'. Urban sounded as though he didn't mind, though he sings of a break-up.

I know why it sounded different. It was the pace and the tone. I sounded 'gruffer' (honest!), slower. Goes to show its never always the words, its the way they sound.

Customer service is never as much about the words, its the way they sound to the customer. The 'right' sounds hit home. It may defuse a volatile customer, encourage a reluctant customer to buy...


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
True sir. Many times I have seen people mouthing the words without feeling in the service sector. A sorry or thank you would feel better when you mean it and vice versa. At ICICI Bank we were trained to smile before speaking so that the feeling is lent to the voice. Customers can easily figure it out if you mean it or not.

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