The Joseph Biden lesson in Sales pitces

Marketers need to be careful about their Communiques to consumers. More so, when the channel used is a personal one. 'Cos what the marketer says can either make or break a sale. Take Direct selling for example. The salesman's pitch will decide whether consumers commit to or reject a purchase. The salesman therefore need to be very careful in crafting a pitch that the consumer connects with. In fact, personal communiques (personal selling) are the ones that elicit behavioural response from consumers, in other words, an actual purchase.

But this ain't the case when the channel is an impersonal one. Take for example, advertising on Mass Media. Unless its a case of direct response advertising, Ad. communiques rarely result in sales. Its awareness, knowledge and attitudes that they build among consumers.

Personal communiques if mismanaged can have drastic consequences. Consumers may not just reject a brand, they may be even be convinced never to try it again. I am talking about failed sales pitches that may breed negative attitudes towards the brand in question. Take the case of Joseph Biden. His latest gaffe may prove costly. Talking to an audience, he praised Hilary Clinton's credentials and proposed her as a 'better than him candidate' for the VP post.

Can a sales (read, vote) pitch get any worse? Marketers must remember that they have ample time to design and release communiques on Mass media. But when it comes to personal channels, its that one opportunity they get, when they engage directly with the consumer. Mess up and you lose, big time.


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