Palin Persona

'So here's why she matters.

First of all she offers an opportunity for an ailing Republican party to reconnect with ordinary Americans. She's conservative, but her conservatism is not that of the intolerant, uncomprehending white male sort that has so hurt the party in recent years. She is much closer to a model of the lives of ordinary Americans - working mother, plainspoken everywoman juggling home and office - than any Republican leader in memory.

The contrast with Mr Obama is especially powerful. The very fact that Mrs Palin didn't go to elite schools but succeeded nonetheless - the very ordinariness with which she so piquantly jabbed Mr Obama on Wednesday - is what will make her so appealing to Americans. And as a pro-life conservative she debunks in one swoop the enduring myth that all women subscribe to the obligatory nostrums of radical feminism.'

- Gerard Baker, 'Sarah Palin: it's go west, towards the future of conservatism'


Eve said…
The way she is getting popular, Obama might have something to worry about. Her speech on youtube has broken many records on that site. The more popular she gets, the more careful her current allies would be of her.
Ray Titus said…

So far so good...Its almost an Obama-Palin race at the moment.

So far, Palin's the one breezing ahead...

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