Where's Ray?

Am in God's own country. Holidaying. Lotsa travellin' ahead. Don't think I would be able to post as much. Itchin' to get back and comment on consumer issues. I guess mum's the word for now, which is at times perfect; for me. :)

Will post once am back in Bangalore. That's a li'l over a week away. Thank you for all your comments. Appreciate it.

Cheers, from Kerala. :)


Unknown said…
Enjoy your stay sir. Yes Mum is the word. Am waiting for Diwali holidays.
Sir, enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Mum has always been the word. ha ha ha ....
Eagerly waiting for Diwali holidays as well.
Unknown said…
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Raneeth Reghu said…
Hope u latch onto some 'thattudosas' from the thattukadas in kochi...u had mentioned about them once in ur blog too..

Happy Holidaying Sir!!
I am the king said…
I can't believe it...Really,I can't..I cudn't find anything regarding the financial crisis.I have been accessing ur blog from past 3 months....Anywyas I hope u will continue ur blog writing very soon..But when I needed it most for a subject,I cudn't get..Enjoy ur holidays...
Er. Abinash panda
IIPM(2nd yr)

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