Conference on Global challenges in Management

Just finished my duties as an evaluation panel member at the International Conference on 'Global challenges in Management' organized by the Nandha Engineering college's Dept.of Management studies, at Erode. Its absolutely wonderful to note the overwhelming response in terms of paper submissions.

I thoroughly enjoy the 'spirit' of places like Erode (my first time here), that are wired differently from places like Bangalore. The enthusiasm and effort put into the papers presented have been exemplary.

Erode to me presents a face of South India that many metro livers can't understand or decipher. The potential that such places hold in terms of commerce needs to be seen, to be believed. This is where the marketer must work his magic for consumers of the future. The challenge lies in weaving product and services into the fabric of social life as seen in such places.

My experience with the college personnel has been heart warming. The hospitality has been superb. My thank you to everyone at Nandha.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Coimbatore for another academic session. Will be back in Bangalore Sunday morning.

My reminder to the PGP II students. Do your first chapter in Business Strategy before you come to my class on Monday. Else.... :)


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