Marketers & the moolah trail

Marketers must follow the moolah. Marketers must also get the timing right to grab that moolah. Well, that's what Maruti intends to get right. The sixth pay commission recommendations is gonna put a lot of money in the hands of government employees. And many among these public servants will be looking to spend it on products and services. That's when Maruti will pitch their brand of cars to them.

Maruti has launched a marketing campaign, 'Wheels of India', to reach 5.5-mn government employees who would shortly get handsome arrears, thanks to the recommendation of the Six Pay Commission. It has asked dealers to appoint four-member teams to start the campaign to woo government employees.

At a time when car makers around the world are grappling with dropping demand, Maruti sure has found a way to keep its coffers, if not full, at least not empty.


Unknown said…
You are right sir. Excellent timing by Maruthi. But I would wait for the competition to cash in. Will Maruthi have the disadvantage of moving in first?

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