Obama's Hope vs. the Marketer's

"The Rising" is about both resurrection and insurrection. In spite of all the terror it reflects, it is a song of hope. It is a song about the amazing new things that are possible when men and women of goodwill and sacrificial spirit turn their backs on the failures, follies, and tragedies of the past, and join hands together to build a new life for themselves and for those who will follow. As Springsteen also sings in "Long Walk Home," one of the songs on his newest album, it's never too late, for individuals or for nations, to begin again. But that takes real work, and every "rising"--whether it be an insurrection or a resurrection or some curious synthesis of the two--also has within itself a bit of the subida, the oftentimes steep and arduous climb.

Bruce Springsteen sells the same kind of empty hope that Obama does through his rhetoric, never mind what Reality really is, and never mind that it takes men with substance to face that reality.

What differentiates and equates the hope that Obama sells and the ones that marketers sell, is the aftermath of the purchase. Let me first tell you the 'sameness'. Post purchase dissonance is a definite possibility in both cases. The difference is, in the case of the marketer, the brand goes downhill then on and hopefully the consumer comes out unscathed, not too much of money down the drain. But in the case of Obama and his socialist-government-interventionist policies, its a nations' future that hangs in perilous balance. Now, that's too much of a price to pay.

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