When is Non-consumption an opportunity?

The critical question is why so many people don’t send email messages on their mobile phones. If they are truly scared off by complexity, hard-to-use keyboards, or overpriced data plans, Peek has a chance of success.

There’s another explanation, however. Perhaps the need to send email away from the office or home actually isn’t that important to the mainstream consumer. In other words, the reason why they aren’t consuming is not because existing solutions don’t get the job done; it is because the job simply isn’t that important to them...

This discuss raises a natural question. Beyond talking to family members, how can a company actually figure out the “why” behind nonconsumption? Well-crafted market research is one answer. Our experience is that the most productive research probes problems facing consumers and barriers that inhibit their ability to solve those problems.

This approach contrasts with the natural tendency of most companies to test the concept itself, asking people questions along the lines of, “Would you buy this product?”

- Scott D Anthony, 'When is Nonconsumption an Opportunity?'


Non-consumption is an opportunity for many. At the same time, it is just not a 'need' for some. Speaking about people who access emails on their phone, they do it because it is a business requisite or to explore their phone capabilities. The former have no choice, but the latter have a choice to continue using it or brood over their phone bills.

My system crashed recently and I started accessing my mails on my phone. I find this better because I can reply to my associates immediately, also while I am driving and when I am out of office. Now that I have started using it, I will continue using it.

At times, it is the need that makes us consumers out of chance and not out of choice. After this, the consumer will always have the option of choosing his products and services.

The consumer, certainly is the King. :)
Ray Titus said…

Thank you for your wishes on my Blog being listed in the top 100.

I agree that many a times its the 'context' that makes us users or non-users.

Appreciate all your comments :)

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