Who's hit harder, the retailer or the manufacturer brand?

A month ago I had the misfortune of buying a pair of Lee Cooper leather sandals from the Westside store at Forum. First the stitches give way, then the buckle breaks and both times, while I am on the road. I guess its happened to all of you out there, and you know how irritating it is to try and walk with sandals that have given way.

Now I am trying to figure out who's earned my ire, more? Westside for having the brand in their store or Lee Cooper for manufacturing a lousy pair of sandals?

From the consumer's perspective, both need to worry. Lee Cooper, 'cos maybe I won't try the brand again and Westside, 'cos now I think they stack sub-standard stuff and so maybe I won't visit them again. The Westside crew may put up their hands and say the brand isn't theirs, but does it matter?


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