Ah, Youth!

Young people have the enthusiasm for politics, but not practical experience or breadth of learning. They spend little or no time studying history. Instead, they are told from birth that they are the future, and that the future is in their hands. They rely on high-flown idealism rather than historical knowledge. Young people largely agree with the following precept: True idealism is nothing but the subordination of the interests and life of the individual to the community The purest idealism is unconsciously equivalent to the deepest knowledge. Such idealism is the most basic building block for dangerous movements.

- Ben Shapiro, 'The Sheer Idiocy of Following Youth Movements'.


SG said…
And these dangerous movements are something that are worth looking forward to !!
Ray Titus said…
U sure?

What was so good about Nazism, Soviet Communism, Chinese Maoism, the Anarchist surrender in Vietnam movement....all built on the backing of misguided youth of that time?

What's so good about the Barack Obama movement, led by college students and twentysomethings...Socialism?
Soumya said…
Well I agree the youth of today make a bad example in politics but it also needs to be seen that the kind of representation we have is also quite depressing to say the least. The problem is the people who get into politics dont get into it for the sheer joy of politics but for other benefits like power, money or because it is what their family does.
But I certainly believe that people need to be atleast aware of politics at a young age. of course they ll make mistakes but like India is being governed by great intelligent people now !!!
The day they set out certain criteria like certain qualifications or may be certain year of service, to get into politics may be some real politicians will emerge!!

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