The brands in our lives

Urmi has an interesting point that flows from an SMS she received; 'What feels like congestion in a train, feels like atmosphere in a night club.' She points to how perceptions influence consumer interpretation of situations/stimuli. That is, should the club not be crowded, it would be stamped with a 'boring' tag.

She also talks about how brands try and worm their way into a consumer's life, becoming part of the social fabric that adorns their social lives. Well, the brand then has reached its zenith of social acceptance. 'Acceptance' in fact has gone further to the consumer not wanting to be caught dead without the brand in question. I mean, 'Mango' as the 'T' for the party is a must. Not having it can even damage the kid's social reputation.

The lessons here are two fold. One, the brand's gotta get into the consumer's life and become a part of it (therefore, 100% acceptance, 0% conflict). Of course, easier said than done. Two, the 'brand connect' must reach a level so acute, the consumer is 'handicapped' living his life without it.


Completely agree.

That is where Lifestyle Branding plays its part. It depends on person's perception about a place; and this perception in turn makes him/her perceive the rights and wrongs.

I liked the thought.

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