Can Brand Obama deliver on promises?

Hope this doesn't sound, sour grapes.

The best thing that's happened to the Republicans is that they lost the White House. Brand Obama has over promised. World peace ain't any closer than before. Outsourcing will continue. There will be no pullout from Iraq. If there is one, the mess will be greater, worsening what's presently a state of reasonable calm. Troops for Afghanistan won't come easy. Its one thing to be a media built superstar at a rally in Germany, its another, when it comes to troops for Afghanistan, Angela won't be as forthcoming. The canard of 'global warming' will be hyped as always, but it won't in any way drastically alter present environmental policies.

The list is endless.

Brands gotta be careful with their claims and promises. The bigger the promise the greater the expectation. And if not delivered on, the greater the disappointment; there may be even a risk of consumer anger. And that's what I foresee for Brand Obama.

Republicans, sit tight and watch Brand Obama equity erode.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
No sir it didn't. With absolute majority backing him, financial turmoil making corporate giants weaker I think he would be able to work and deliver some of his promises. If they are not delivered why not use the same plank to get reelected.

On the other hand you might be right and it might prove to be a spectacular disaster. Only time can tell.
Walker said…
The question is: Does Obama really know his market? I see lots of comments lately about a 'post racial' society. But is BO's market those folks who think the racial conversation is ended or is it really the Victim Industry? The Victim Industry isn't going to go away easily. They are going to want some bones thrown to them pretty quickly: reparations, anti-white legislation, or any number of perks in the name of 'leveling the playing field.' If they don't get it, BO is doomed.
Ray Titus said…

If Obama succeeds, he would usher in 'peace and prosperity'. Who wouldn't be game for that? I am. In fact am waiting...bated breath ... :)

About re-election, ever heard, once bitten, twice shy?


You are absolutely right...the 'victims' wait...if he disappoints, he's doomed!

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