Climbing that 'Social Class Ladder'

Original thought, courtesy, Conservative Professor;

'Yesterday, in a consumer behavior class, I used Obama as an excellent example of how people can change social classes by,

1) getting the right education -- Columbia/Harvard in his case;
2) pursuing an occupation with prestige -- Congressman, Senator;
3) living in the right type of house in the right location (that's why Obama HAD to get that Chicago mansion -- no matter what); and
4) earning a salary -- not wages -- with other sources of income (Obama didn't have investment income, so he wrote two books).
As well, Obama had to move to a location where he did not have a history -- so that he could be a clean slate with his new-found credentials. Voila -- an upper-class, elite citizen.

As an aside -- so I told my students -- except for the occupation part, Sarah Palin failed on the other three requirements of social-class change, and she never really changed locations. She is Governor in the same state she was PTA president. So, the elite media was never going to give her a pass -- according to them, she's just plain old middle class, despite her election as Governor of Alaska.'


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