Consumer Loyalty - 'Li'l things' that matter

Its always the little things that count.

Database driven CRM systems sure work, but to what extent, I am not sure. Many a times its just bothersome direct marketing material that's churned out as an end product of a CRM system. 'Material' that invariably finds its way into our dustbins without even so much as a glance from us.

Mathew writes about two incidents, both of which had financial implications, no more than a dirham. Yet that li'l amount virtually sealed consumer loyalty. The lesson in the incidents is worth noting.

Its the lesson of the 'li'l things'. Marketers note; that's what matters!


Unknown said…
Good one sir. I believe these small actions even if not financial in nature make people trace back their steps to the store. This is where price, utility ends and CRM scores.

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