Despite looming recession, silver screens blaze

Despite recession looming, Indians have flocked to Bollywood movies. A li'l cheer amidst the gloom is surely a good thing. ET reports that the movie, 'Golmaal Returns' earned Rs 72 crore gross in the opening week worldwide, while 'Fashion' generated more than Rs 33 crore worldwide. Both films were released on Wednesday, unlike the customary Fridays, last week to cash in on the Diwali-mania.


The 'real life' theme of Madhur Bhandarkar has alwats worked with the Indian viewers.

Though, Priyanka Chopra's meteoric rise after every fall in the movie makes me believe that everything is possible in Bollywood.

The only movie which went unnoticed was "Hello" which was based on Chetan Bhagat's book, One Night @ The Call Centre.
Ray Titus said…
That's Bollywood; suspension of Reality :)

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