Is Honda Hybrid price cut for real?

When Honda in India tells us, its cut its Hybrid version's price by 8.14 lakh, as there was a huge demand for the technology that Honda wanted to popularise, and the problems consumers were facing was the price, I can't help but smile.

At least not after reading a week ago that Honda Siel Cars India reported an over four-fold decline in its sales at 1,476 units in October as against 5,287 units in the same period a year ago. Note that sales comprised 707 units of flagship sedan City ZX, 422 units of premium sedan Civic, 244 units of luxury sedan Accord and 103 units of SUV CR-V. Its latest offering to the market, Civic Hybrid, which was launched in June, registered a sale of 52 units.

Now you know what's obvious.

Also, Honda says that it plans to go back to the original Hybrid price after December. Good idea, considering that the consumer's reference price for the Hybrid now drops to 13.36 lakhs. Post December imagine how it'll be when the Hybrid has the original price tag of 21.50 lakh.

Are these guys for real? You know who I truly feel for. Those 52 buyers. Get me?


Unknown said…
Its a pity Sir. I don't think the perceived value for the car would bounce back post December when the prices rise again.
Unknown said…
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