Our mind plays tricks 'n the marketer grins :)

Its interesting to note how our minds play tricks on us. For the marketer though, the 'trick playing mind' is a treat. Let me tell you how.

I haven't been able to catch on good sleep the past few days. And good sleep for me means 5-6 hours, no more. Having worked on some projects, having to take a flight out to Dubai for a professional engagement, meant, not much of sleep. Last night, finally, I slept; I guess, well. But the funny thing is, I got up to the strike of Five thirty and started on my chores. A while later, looking out, I realised I got the time wrong. A check online revealed that I had set the clock an hour ahead. Guess what happens almost instantaneously? I feel kinda tired. Now that's funny 'cos since waking up, I was all energy. But once I knew I had woken up quite early, my mind tuned body my into a 'tired' mode. If I didn't know I was way ahead of time, nothing would have happened. I would have gone on as usual.

Most 'buys' too are driven not by the consumer's ability to evaluate utility. Sure utility matters, but what clinches the sale is the 'mind-connect'. Its the consumer connecting at a psychological level. Its the mind playing tricks on 'em. The trick works because the consumer identifies with that emotion, as exhibited by the brand. Maybe its a feeling of 'power', maybe its 'ego', maybe its a feeling of 'warmth'. Brands must go beyond their utilitarian appeal to project emotions, ones that consumers connect with. Guarantees a Sale!

About me? Oh, I am fine. I can shut my mind out and just work at it. What am I doin'? Bob Seger is playin' on Youtube; He is telling me, 'We're runnin' against the wind....'

I quite agree. Good Mornin'. :)


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