The 'Quantum of Solace' lesson in Brand Alterations

'If there was one line to describe the new Bond film, it would be, "in which Bond became Rambo"..., writes Movie critic, Namrata Joshi.

What she is in effect demonstrating, is how a brand's been altered to a level where it turns almost unrecognisable. 'Quantum of Solace' has chipped away the Bond Brand image by not having the famous 'Bond line', by ensuring that the gadgets and girls (two, of whom there is hint of sex with one) are in short supply and action is over the top. Bond is again, not witty or charming, but a mean machine.

For viewers, that's pushing the envelope too much, on Brand alterations. Its taken a toll on the 'image'. Now, does that mean a brand should never make changes to its identity? Not necessarily. In fact altering the Brand image at times becomes a must to retain consumer interest and to ensure there's no brand fatigue. But when done, it has to be managed carefully. The first Daniel Craig-Bond movie 'Casino Royale' did this with aplomb. We saw a 'changed Bond' (to our liking), one who was blond (that was all right), one who was meaner (thank god for that, at least he ain't an airhead anymore), one who fell in love (about time), thus in a way, endearing himself to us.

The 'Quantum of Solace' Bond is one that's turned Rambo, and that's a no-no.

Brands need to be able to get the balance right when it comes to 'alterations' and 'retentions'. Mess up on either side, and you have on hand, either an unrecognisable brand or a boring one.


MJ said…
Unlike the new coke,the new Bond has become a hit in the market by breaking all box office records by bond movies. Does that mean they have got the balance of retentions & alterations correctly?
Which made me think what if new coke was actually successful but a considerable population missed the classic version?
Prem said…
Power of branding and media campaigns

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