Why music themed video games will do well

I am reminded of this game called Antakshari that's always been very popular in India. Any 'gathering', in all probability will dissolve into this game where people sing and and then others follow up with songs that start with the last alphabet of the first sung one. And it goes on and on till someone can't come up with a song. I've seen this game being played while people travel, when they are in classrooms, at competitions, at weddings, in fact, almost everywhere.

Why this game does well is because it combines two activities that humans connect to, deeply. One, singing; never mind the fact we sound like something's stuck, we gotta sing. Add to that our desire to compete; its something that increases our self worth. Get the two together, and you have a winner called 'Antakshari'.

Now, the combination of music and competition is being payed out on gaming devices and they are poised for stupendous success. Music-themed video games are multiplying so quickly editors are being forced to come up with games that sing to new audiences.

Last week, survivors of The Beatles announced a new life for their songs in a video game that lets people pretend to be the 1960s British rockers. It will be the first time the band's music is featured in a video game. MTV Games is having the game developed by US studio Harmonix, the maker of the hot-selling "Rock Band" video game in which players using mock instruments as controllers win by keeping in tune with music and on-screen note cues.


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