The Bailout. Coming this January.

(Click on pic. to enlarge)


Rajiv S Perumal said…
I just cudn agree more on that!
Amazin pic sir.. :)
Prof.Ray Titus said…
Glad u liked it. :)
vishanth said…
Sir, where did u get that brilliant pic... its actually al over my office by now :).... Please do contact me when u r in Dubai next sir..... Mail me a really loved ur strategy course :)
Prof.Ray Titus said…

U bet, the picture needs to be plastered all around. :)

Will surely get in touch next time. Glad you liked the course, thank you for bein' in my class. :)
Kailash said…
Excellent Pic Indeed...Not sure if you do recall me Was part of the Finance Section 06-08 batch.

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