B-School student? Here's how to get 'placed'

Mitra Kalita on what B-School students must do, to stop seeing themselves as victims and instead becoming opportunists.

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Unknown said…
But sir one thing the article has failed to address is that the so called ivy league do everything within reason possible to stay in touch with what skill sets are needed in any industry at present and flex accordingly. I dont know whether the average business school student will know about what sort of skills are needed for a particular job and it is upto the school to advise them in exact and specific terms rather than generalisations. For example, a school should say to a student "You should have an in depth knowledge of present value concepts relating to......" rather than "This concept is very important. Know it". This will just have the student spouting the concept without understanding it's sphere of influence.

To sum up, a school's responsibility is to a) ensure it is up to date with what skills are needed on a diverse range of industries, b) to impart knowledge based on those skills, c) to put the knowledge in context so as to ensure that a student understands why it is being done.

Now I do realise that a school's students are very indifferent. But it is only because they perceive the school as being indifferent to their needs (not emotional ones, not being a pansy here :)), but industry related needs.

Unknown said…
And funnily enough, this can be easily achieved as the school will already have a great number of students in industry whom they can reach out to. I mean someone who advises need not necessarily be a CEO, but someone who is out on the street and not in a boardroom. No student starts as a manager. So a school should equip him for the streets and then for a manager.

I completely agree with Vishanth.

I am not qualified enough to say this, but I do have some opinions. The fourth point there could be -
(d) - Giving examples to the students which relate to a concept and is about situations and conditions which he/she would be facing in an organization right after joining. I mean, they should be more centered on the 'functional strategy element' rather than speaking about 'business level strategies' or 'corporate level strategies'.

It might also relate to students being shown the actual picture of an organization and his/her job roles after joining. Very few faculties show students the real face (and you know whom I am talking about :) ) and believe me, as a student, knowing the real test which he/she would face in an organization is more important than knowing what a Coke, Starbucks or a McD did some years back.


Ray Titus said…

I understand the sentiment behind the views expressed.

But what's expressed can be best explained by the phrase, 'Missing the Wood for the Trees'. The Marketing equivalent for the same is termed, 'Marketing Myopia' (The classic Theodore Levitt Marketing paper).

Check it out at http://casadogalo.com/marketingmyopia.pdf

I will address what's been raised soon, as a separate post.

Till then, Cheers :)

The pdf was quite helpful in understanding 'Marketing Myopia' in detail. Thanks :)

Would wait for the separate post eagerly.


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