Misplaced Bouquets n' Brickbats

You know that there's somethin' wrong with the world when Kim Jong II gets cheered, the murderous thug Stalin gets voted 'third greatest Russian', and President Bush gets a shoe thrown at him.

Or maybe everything's right with the world. Its only normal, 'cos that's the price of Democracy. It never does breed gratitude. I mean the shoe.

And Dictatorship. I mean the cheer and the vote. Talk about a gun to your head or forgetfulness about an awaiting Gulag.


Nichani said…
I am a regular on your Blog and all i can say is " Excellent" Class apart...!!!Jus love reading your Blogs probably i shud say its part of my daily diet now ;-)

- Kailash
Nichani said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ray Titus said…

Thank you for your comments n' takin' the time to read...Most appreciate it :)

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