News kills Advertising, that's good and bad

News kills advertising. And that's good news for Marketing communiques that bomb on TV and bad news for the ones that are good. Good news 'cos, thank god, consumers didn't pay attention to the duds and bad news, 'cos consumers again didn't pay attention to ones that would've clicked with them.

Its a been a year of 'news' in India as much as it was all around the world. Spare a thought then for Marketers trying to get the consumer to listen in to what they have to say. As Stuart Elliot states, 'That (news) cut both ways for marketers: overshadowing the best ads, but also drawing attention away from the worst. So half the industry is ending the year cursing its poor timing while the other half is breathing a loud sigh of relief.'

Here's Stuart's recap of some high and low points of 2008, in the US.


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