Notebooks overtake Desktops

Its interesting to note that Notebook sales have now overtaken Desktop sales. The shift is due to the requirement that consumers have in terms of portable computing. With a lot of time being spent away from home, at work, business travel and the like, portability becomes critical.

According to data from research firm iSupply, preliminary figures for the quarter show notebook PC shipments shot up about 40 per cent from the same period a year ago to 38.6 million. Meanwhile desktop shipments fell about 1.3 per cent to 38.5 million.


Mnaz said…
I was involved with helping create a website a while back,, if you search for laptops on, It should come on the first page.

In the begining and this was around late 2006, desktops were sold and by early 2007 the whole website had an overhaul, cuz people just stopped searching for desktops.

Lately with the advent of technology and mobile's turning into mini computers, people have started searching for mobile phones with internet connectivity features.

Although I doubt the laptop sales will drop considerably right now but it will, when the (what is the new generation called these days?)turn into the earning demography as their fingers and minds are already trained to fit the minature mobile models.

And I have to add (even though it is irreverant here) - ebooks will never take over books. People will always prefer the tactile quality of books anyday. Although newspapers are dying out...sigh But good for the environment eh?

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