The 'real' W

'The worthies at the New York Times are worried, like George W. himself, about his legacy. They all should know better; legacies are not plucked from the pantry shelf, but develop over the years without help or hindrance from either critic or legacee. George W.'s critics are spooked by what happened to Harry S. Truman, who straggled back to Missouri with the contempt of nearly everyone ringing in his ears ("to err is Truman") and within two decades became one of our most popular ex-presidents. Now is the time to blame the president for everything bad, and give him credit for nothing good. It's mere coincidence that America has been safe from Islamist terror every day since 9/11.

Gratitude always comes easier for the least among us. George W.'s compassionate conservatism has saved millions of lives in Africa, those who but for the billions of dollars this president spent there would have died of AIDS or malaria. His approval rating, in the low 20s at home (and no doubt near zero on the Upper East Side), reaches 80 percent in Africa, where women with a clearer understanding of reality name their sons after him. The bashers have to get their licks in now, while the bashing is good.'

- Wesley Pruden, 'Only 26 days left for Bush-bashing'.


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