The Rick Warren lesson in brand Obama

Marketers know it ain't smart to try and appeal to the sensibilities of diverse consumer groups using the same brand. That's why the brand mix. But what if one doesn't have a choice and has just one brand at his disposal? How does one broaden the brand's appeal to include as many consumer groups as possible? The answer is, 'Discount the outliers, go for the mass middle'.

Take Barack Obama for example. As the president elect he has to try an appeal to the mass out there. In doing so, he may alienate the far rights and the lefts. In fact, he must, to win the 'middle of the road' masses. And that's exactly what he's done by calling on Rick Warren, the evangelical pastor of the southern California megachurch Saddleback, to give the invocation when he takes his oath of office.

Will Rick as the choice alienate Barack from the radical gays? Sure. But then its about time he did that. Its wise to alienate the outlying populace that's a minority. That's what gets 'in', the middle of the roaders! And that's more than important for a mass brand.


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