Sell like you care, in fact, Care!

Two deft Sales 'touches' that impressed me;

I walk into a Titan Store yesterday and buy a Fastrack watch. I wait at the billing counter for my packed timepiece to arrive and it starts to take time. I am on my way to getting irritated when the Store person walks up to me and tells me its taking time as they are packing a 'fresh piece' for me. Now who wouldn't want to wait for a 'fresh piece'?

Jaden's two, and so gets his Christmas present, a first for him, and its a li'l bicycle. On waiting for it to be packed, the owner of the store walks up to me and tells me that he has put in an extra bugle horn for the cycle as the already fitted one seems a li'l afar for my son to reach it while he cycles. He also tells me the new one's at no charge at all. Now I think the horn would've cost the retailer not more than a dime. But with that li'l nothing he shows me he's givin' me somethin' extra at no cost, and more than that, he cares about my son's ride!

Cool! :)


Tiger said…
And sir, I bet you would go back to these stores when you need to make the next purchase. I think all the retailers and 'sellers' need to use this way of attracting customers to beat the economic downturn.

Congrats for the new bike, Jaden! Happy Xmas too.
Prof.Ray Titus said…
Maybe I will. :)

Merry Xmas!
Divya said…
Even if you don't m sure you will spread positive word of mouth..coz u already did!!!

Merry Xmas!
Prof.Ray Titus said…
Yeah, I already did! :)

Div, Merry Xmas!

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