Timing's crucial in PR disasters

The timing in a brand's reaction to a PR disaster is more than crucial. React quickly and hopefully sensibly, or not react at all, is better than to react late.

Take the Satyam fiasco. The resignations of Mendu Rammohan Rao, Vinod Dham and Krishna G Palepu from the nine-member Board come a tad too late in the day. Their resignations come in the wake of the whole episode turning murkier by the day and have been attributed to their dismay at the turn of events. Rather than quell the questions being raised, the chorus of disapproval now turn shriller.

Of course, we have the wisdom of hindsight, but take a look at most PR disasters and you know that they are caused by how brands in the limelight react. The typical response is either a denial or to procrastinate. Instead if its a 'quick move' towards 'correction' the chances the brand emerges unscathed is greater.


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