TV Anchor & the Ad guys, its a riot :)

I gotta confess. As much as I deride the guy, I wonder where else would I get my nighttime fix of laughs? I am talkin' Arnab Goswami and the discussions he conjures up on TV almost every night.

Tonight he had the likes of Suhel Seth, Prasoon Joshi and few others lined up for a discussion on terror. He started the show wailin' about 'some people out there' attacking the likes of him. It was pretty easy to guess who he was talkin' about. Arundhati Roy of course, and he has good reason to wail.

This is what she wrote while mentioning him, 'while the Sangh parivar does not seem to have come to a final decision over whether or not it is anti-national and suicidal to question the police, Arnab Goswami, anchorperson of Times Now television channel, has stepped up to the plate. He has taken to naming, demonising and openly heckling people who have dared to question the integrity of the police and armed forces. My name and the name of the well-known lawyer Prashant Bhushan have come up several times. At one point, while interviewing a former police officer, Arnab Goswami turned to the camera; "Arundhati Roy and Prashant Bhushan," he said, "I hope you are watching this. We think you are disgusting." For a TV anchor to do this in an atmosphere as charged and as frenzied as the one that prevails today amounts to incitement as well as threat, and would probably in different circumstances have cost a journalist his or her job.'

Now I don't agree with Arundhati on a lot of stuff, but I know better than to whine.

Arnab then herds in Suhel Seth and Prasoon Joshi into the discussion and the laugh riot reaches its crescendo. Now I know, why these guys are so good at advertising. Their empty headed discourse passed off as profound analysis, surely stands them good stead when it comes to advertising. After all, isn't that what a lot of ads do? Present the damn soap as if it were a miracle! And then the consumer buys at a store lookin' at who's discounting.

Anyway, to cut the story short, its absolutely hilarious watchin' this guy, night after night, ply his trade. Like I said, I admit, I love it! And my doctor says, its quite something if you retire for shut eye in the night with a belly full of laughter.

Arnab, bless him!


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