The lesson in Jews voting Democrat

A brand trying to appeal to an alien segment, while retaining its original form, is akin to the Republicans trying to get the Jews to vote for them. The Jews haven't ever and they won't ever. This despite the fact that a Republican president has done more for Jews and Israel than any other. The simple fact is Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Brands too shouldn't try and move away from their loyal backers to woo the alienated. If they do want to get the alienated into their fold, they must do so with a different identity, one that suits the alienated.

Note what Randall Hoven states about the Jewish Vote, 'In my opinion, the idea of trying to win "the Jewish vote", or the black vote or the Latino vote is ludicrous. Obama could hang out with anti-Semitic radicals and get endorsements from Muammar Qaddafi while McCain could pledge his own life to defend Israel, yet about 75% of Jews would still vote for Obama - because he's the Democrat. This is not rocket science. Jews vote Democrat, about 75% of them do, no matter what. And night follows day.

Feel free to see whatever you like to see in this statistical ink-blot. What I see is the utter futility of Republicans trying to play group politics to win votes. Or moving left to win votes. There is no payoff in the Republican Party moving left. The Democrats own that brand. Let them have it. Republicans will win votes only by being a legitimate alternative, something different from the Democrats.'


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