Promos that guarantee a migraine, for FREE!

When a brand runs a promo, the aim is to enhance value delivery for the same buck, to the consumer. But what if the reverse happens, despite the promo?

Last week week we visited a few Future Group retail stores. Our first stop, Home town, then Brand Factory. For the purchases we made, we were lured with a 'Maha Savings (or something that sounded similar) offer. The greedy me didn't succumb the first time around. I stood steadfast while at Home Town. When the saga repeated at Brand Factory, I said, what the hell, let me enjoy what is rightfully mine. And it came at no cost to me. So I troop up to the fourth floor of the store, stand in a line for an annoyingly long time, and when my turn comes at the counter, I am fed with some stories about something called 'Sone' ki chidiya, my personal pass book...' and some other such mumbo-jumbo. From what I could decipher, I understood I was getting zilch till the time I shopped again, and that too at a Future Group store.

Do you now blame me for believing (ascribe it to the bias of representativeness) that everytime this legendary trading community that comes from that part of India offers you something free at stores that they have set up across India, you can expect zilch plus a migraine?

Again, yesterday I pay my Electricity bill at an Easy-pay counter and because of my valuable patronage there, they give me something free. Voila, I get two Ranbaxy ginseng capsules that look like they could cause me to mutate, if I brought the pills anywhere close to my being.

I wonder, who these nitwits are, who design such promos? Promos that dissipate value rather than enhance it for the brand in question! Oh yes, migraine guaranteed, too!


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