What Satyam needs is a 'new image'

Sure, it makes good business sense to ask N R Narayanamurthy to come to the aid of tainted Satyam Computers, but it doesn't necessarily make good marketing sense. A taint is hard to wash off. It doesn't matter who is put at the helm. Every time the name Satyam is invoked, it would be an 'Astaya' image that rushes to the fore. And that would alienate almost every stakeholder out here including, customers, shareholders and employees.

As much as Satyam needs an operational overhaul, it needs an image overhaul too. Accepted, N R Narayanamurthy will contribute to a better image, but I think, what can really give Satyam a clean break from its past, is a new corporate identity, along with a transparent and robust internal system .


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