Why despite the rhetoric, brand Obama is intact

President Barack Obama is among the smartest politicians I have ever seen. High on symbolism, zilch on substance and yet he gets away with it to the extent, his fan pack swoon every time he whips out one of his 'symbolic acts'. Listening to Christiane Amanpour go ga-ga over his swearing in, I now know, to acquire legendary status or to have a cult following, a brand needs the blind adoration of at least some sections of the media. Barack has that in plenty. And every time the drive-by media dedicates sound bytes to him (which is almost one out of every one time), the swell and the sounds of an adoring public only gets bigger and louder. The media, perceived as a neutral mouthpiece, is potent as an influencer.

Note this happens, despite the fact that the brand's acts, as I mentioned, are merely symbolic. There is absolutely no substance to see the act through. Smart that he is, among Barack Obama's first few orders, was the closure of Guantanamo. Never mind the fact none of his Democrat brethren are willing to take any of the detainees. In fact, none of the Democrats who on Thursday hailed the closing of the detention camp were stepping forward to offer prisons in their districts or states to receive the prisoners. Its also interesting to note that the global brotherhood among countries of world that Obama is supposed to have cobbled up has also not been helpful, when it comes to 'taking in' these prisoners.

Despite all this, and more such empty headed promises that ain't feasible on the ground, brand Obama will soar as long as the likes of NY Times, CNN, BBC and others keep their adulation intact. And I for one, feel they will keep up with the act, as they have more to lose than Obama, should he fail.


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