Customer contact & Physical evidence key to Image

When you are in Services, that too, B2B services, your image in the public domain remains stodgy, if not even invisible. Two reasons as to why building images becomes an uphill task. One you rarely come in contact with the end consumer and two, the contacts you establish have nothing 'tangible' to it.

The route to building an image for Service B2B firms therefore lies in getting in touch with the end customer and also tangibilising at least some part of that contact, by setting up a physical evidence to your existence.

Now, that's what Microsoft intends to do by setting up its own retail stores, a strategy shift that borrows from the playbook of rival Apple Inc. It remains to be seen whether the effort can add some pizazz to Microsoft's unfashionable image, which Apple has sought to reinforce with ads that mock its competitor.


Unknown said…
It would be fascinating to see if this strategy works for Microsoft as it doesn't manufactures hardware which Apple does!!!

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